Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sucks to be me!!!

Just finished doing some work to my bike. On my 10 mile ride into the firehouse, I got a flat tire at about 8.45 miles. I was riding hard and was going along the shoreline when I felt my back tire going flat. Lucky for me, a quick phone call, a few minutes of walking and this big rescue truck pulls up and I jump into the back with my bike and we speed off to the station. I felt like the Delta Force operator from Blackhawk Down being picked up by the helicopter in the first scene. Thanks Guys, I owe you.

Now the funny thing is, today I was in my local bike shop, Dick's Sporting goods and Target.....and what was I looking at.........yup....... tire repair kits. I decided I would wait till next week instead of buying the $1.99 patch kit from Target.

So what I am doing tommorrow, you guessed it, fixing the tire and buying a repair kit.

Last night was a busy night, tonight we are hoping for a slower night. The UFC is on and I am hoping that the Iceman wins.

See ya later.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Blast from the past

Just finished dinner at the firehouse, we had pizza, I know - but it is Friday night and we usually order pizza. Had an awesome day today with the kids. It started at 0630 we I got up, the kids and I slept downstairs. I had to bribe them to stop playing guitar hero on Nintendo Wii. I think my fingers have stopped bleeding, yes I am hooked.

I left the house at 715 to ride to the Chiropractor's office, I hope they don't mind me riding in. I have to admit that I was sweaty and did stink a little.

Afterwards, I pedaled home, changed and went for a run. The run was awesome, ran a great pace, felt really in tune with my body.

After breakfast, me and the kids went downtown, did some banking and went to the bike store, bookstore, had some soup and then we hit the toy store.

Finished the day with riding into work, the boys got back late after a house fire.

Totals for the day - Riding - 10 miles x 2 = 20 miles and 6 miles running

Just wanted to post about what happened to me the other day. I needed to go to Fairfield Fire School to get some paperwork for an upcoming class. Before I left home, I googled "bike shops in Fairfield County" and I saw a bike shop in Fairfield.

On the way down, I missed the driveway so I did what I had to do and thought about just driving to Westport where there was another shop. I made some turns and finally ended up at the shop. As soon as I walked in, I see a guy that I have not seen in 7 years. We were volunteer firefighters and then we got onto career departments next to each other. He had a bad injury that forced him to retire early and now he is working in the bike shop. We spent about 2 hours talking and catching up and also planning on me improving my riding. I also ordered my bike light, I bought a Princeton Tec Switchback 3 light, it is a high end light and I got an awesome deal on it. Thanks Rich. Talk about a small world.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I can't wait !!!

Well today began with me trying to get up this am at 530 am. That did not work and I finally pulled myself out of bed at 623 am. I had planned to ride in a different way and ride by some power lines and railroad tracks, I figured that it would be a good ride and the moon made it perfect conditions for riding some trails. Well that did not happen, I would have needed to be on the road at 6am. So instead, I leave at my house at 638 am, stop by my favorite bagel place and I get to the firehouse a little after 7am.

My guys stop me and give me the old "we hate to bother you with this right at shift change", no big deal, minor administration problem, the kind I love to deal with - lol. So far the day haas been uneventfull, alot of running around but no major calls, yet.

Tonight we have Turkey encillada's being made (my favorite meal) and hopefully nothing major happens. We all want to be there if something happens, but tonight we are OK with taking a raincheck.

Back to training - I think I am falling more and more for this bike stuff. I spent several hours yesterday looking at LED lighting systems for my bike. I already have one, but as I look I have come to realize it is not good enough. So after Santa leaves, I will treat myself to a NITERIDER MiNewt.X2 light and a Planet Bike Super Flash rear bike light.

To all that may read this - have a wondeful Christmas and may you and your families be safe and sound. Also, remember there are less fortunate people all around us, try to help out in someway.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Is it a wet parking lot, or is it BLACK ICE

Well the other day (Thursday) I needed to pedal my way down to the Devon section of Milford to help out with Toys For Tots. This is a program that the Milford Professional Firefighters Association has been doing ever since I got on (17 years ago). I figured I could ride to my station, work out and the shower, eat and walk a few blocks to where the guys would be setting things up.

As I pedal'd I decided I was going to stop at Stop & Shop and get some fruit for the day. After getting my bike, like a brain surgeon, I decided to cut through a car dealership's parking lot to save "time" and avoid some traffic. As I came around a corner, I looked ahead and thought to myself that the road is either really black or it is all ice. As soon as I said it, my bike went down and so did I. I hit hard on my hip and shoulder, got up, made sure my bike was OK and proceeded back to riding the rest of the way. NO soreness or broken bones so again I escape the grim reaper.

Yesterday was cold in the AM, I needed to again help out with Toys 4 Tots and needed to go to the Chiropractor. Total ride in the AM was 11 miles with 8 more on the ride home.

Today was a running day, alittle late getting out of bed so I did not get on the road to about 6:10 am. I am amazed that every morning, no matter what the weather it outside, I see this elderly lady walking, God Bless her.

So here I sit at my desk, the guys are out checking the equipment, we had a great breakfast and I am trying to compile the necessary paperwork for today's events. I will lift some weights later and then at 5PM, begin the 5 mile trek running home. I cannot wait till I see my kids.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I"m Back!!!!

Well I know probably no one has missed me but I just wanted to let you know that I am going to try and continue with this blog. Since the NorthFace 50K was cancelled I lost alot of ambition to run. Yes, I am still either running or biking to work, but my goal of 2007 to run 2007 miles will never happen. My mileage has dropped off considerably, but the good thing about all of this is I really enjoy biking.

As winter approaches and 2008 is right around the corner, I come to realize that if everyone else can find time to type some letters into a blog, then so can I.

My other thought process is that some of you out there have valuable information that you have gained from your training. I hope that I can learn from your experiences. I also in return hope to help others.

So here are my planned races for 2008. I am not commiting to all of them yet because I am going to wait to see if a certain person is going to join me for some of them.

Feb 3rd - Milford Winter Wonderland - 5 miler
Mar 30 - Danbury 1/2 Marathon
Apr 27 - Lake Waramaug Ultra Marathon
May 18 - Soapstone Trail Run
May 25 - Vermont City Marathon
Jun 1 - Nipmunk Trail Marathon
Jun 22 - Fairfield 1/2 Marathon
Oct 11 - Hartford Marathon
Oct 26 - Marine Corps Marathon
Dec 7 - Vegas Marathon

Yes, its alot, but remember the list is going to change. 3 Marathons is the goal for 2008.

So, check back often and see my adventures, Stay safe

Friday, July 20, 2007

Well that run was tough

Morning all, just got into the firehouse this am. Ran 6.25 miles into and let me tell this run sucked!!! Not sure if the trip to NYC to see the Yankees had anything to do with it, or maybe it was McSorley's and the beer, or maybe it was the lack of water. Anyway, the guys made me promise yesterday I would go easy on them today so we can recoop.

Plan on putting some big miles this weekend - I should have over 50 miles this week and building up my miles for the 50K.

Still have not figured out how to get the garmin information onto the blog, but will work on it more on Saturday.

Have a great day

Sunday, July 15, 2007