Monday, December 24, 2007

I can't wait !!!

Well today began with me trying to get up this am at 530 am. That did not work and I finally pulled myself out of bed at 623 am. I had planned to ride in a different way and ride by some power lines and railroad tracks, I figured that it would be a good ride and the moon made it perfect conditions for riding some trails. Well that did not happen, I would have needed to be on the road at 6am. So instead, I leave at my house at 638 am, stop by my favorite bagel place and I get to the firehouse a little after 7am.

My guys stop me and give me the old "we hate to bother you with this right at shift change", no big deal, minor administration problem, the kind I love to deal with - lol. So far the day haas been uneventfull, alot of running around but no major calls, yet.

Tonight we have Turkey encillada's being made (my favorite meal) and hopefully nothing major happens. We all want to be there if something happens, but tonight we are OK with taking a raincheck.

Back to training - I think I am falling more and more for this bike stuff. I spent several hours yesterday looking at LED lighting systems for my bike. I already have one, but as I look I have come to realize it is not good enough. So after Santa leaves, I will treat myself to a NITERIDER MiNewt.X2 light and a Planet Bike Super Flash rear bike light.

To all that may read this - have a wondeful Christmas and may you and your families be safe and sound. Also, remember there are less fortunate people all around us, try to help out in someway.


GB said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog, Chris. Just got home from the Christmas Eve dinner at the fire station and it was just as delicious as I KNEW it would be!

My hubby works for IAFF Local 230 (San Jose, CA). He'll be home safe tomorrow (God willing) and then we'll get to enjoy his 4 days off together w/ the kiddos.

Merry Christmas to you and yours and be safe!


Run for Chocolate said...

I don't know how you ride in this cold. You are a machine, Chris.