Saturday, December 22, 2007

Is it a wet parking lot, or is it BLACK ICE

Well the other day (Thursday) I needed to pedal my way down to the Devon section of Milford to help out with Toys For Tots. This is a program that the Milford Professional Firefighters Association has been doing ever since I got on (17 years ago). I figured I could ride to my station, work out and the shower, eat and walk a few blocks to where the guys would be setting things up.

As I pedal'd I decided I was going to stop at Stop & Shop and get some fruit for the day. After getting my bike, like a brain surgeon, I decided to cut through a car dealership's parking lot to save "time" and avoid some traffic. As I came around a corner, I looked ahead and thought to myself that the road is either really black or it is all ice. As soon as I said it, my bike went down and so did I. I hit hard on my hip and shoulder, got up, made sure my bike was OK and proceeded back to riding the rest of the way. NO soreness or broken bones so again I escape the grim reaper.

Yesterday was cold in the AM, I needed to again help out with Toys 4 Tots and needed to go to the Chiropractor. Total ride in the AM was 11 miles with 8 more on the ride home.

Today was a running day, alittle late getting out of bed so I did not get on the road to about 6:10 am. I am amazed that every morning, no matter what the weather it outside, I see this elderly lady walking, God Bless her.

So here I sit at my desk, the guys are out checking the equipment, we had a great breakfast and I am trying to compile the necessary paperwork for today's events. I will lift some weights later and then at 5PM, begin the 5 mile trek running home. I cannot wait till I see my kids.

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