Friday, December 28, 2007

Blast from the past

Just finished dinner at the firehouse, we had pizza, I know - but it is Friday night and we usually order pizza. Had an awesome day today with the kids. It started at 0630 we I got up, the kids and I slept downstairs. I had to bribe them to stop playing guitar hero on Nintendo Wii. I think my fingers have stopped bleeding, yes I am hooked.

I left the house at 715 to ride to the Chiropractor's office, I hope they don't mind me riding in. I have to admit that I was sweaty and did stink a little.

Afterwards, I pedaled home, changed and went for a run. The run was awesome, ran a great pace, felt really in tune with my body.

After breakfast, me and the kids went downtown, did some banking and went to the bike store, bookstore, had some soup and then we hit the toy store.

Finished the day with riding into work, the boys got back late after a house fire.

Totals for the day - Riding - 10 miles x 2 = 20 miles and 6 miles running

Just wanted to post about what happened to me the other day. I needed to go to Fairfield Fire School to get some paperwork for an upcoming class. Before I left home, I googled "bike shops in Fairfield County" and I saw a bike shop in Fairfield.

On the way down, I missed the driveway so I did what I had to do and thought about just driving to Westport where there was another shop. I made some turns and finally ended up at the shop. As soon as I walked in, I see a guy that I have not seen in 7 years. We were volunteer firefighters and then we got onto career departments next to each other. He had a bad injury that forced him to retire early and now he is working in the bike shop. We spent about 2 hours talking and catching up and also planning on me improving my riding. I also ordered my bike light, I bought a Princeton Tec Switchback 3 light, it is a high end light and I got an awesome deal on it. Thanks Rich. Talk about a small world.

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Run for Chocolate said...

Makes you believe in fate, huh?!