Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sucks to be me!!!

Just finished doing some work to my bike. On my 10 mile ride into the firehouse, I got a flat tire at about 8.45 miles. I was riding hard and was going along the shoreline when I felt my back tire going flat. Lucky for me, a quick phone call, a few minutes of walking and this big rescue truck pulls up and I jump into the back with my bike and we speed off to the station. I felt like the Delta Force operator from Blackhawk Down being picked up by the helicopter in the first scene. Thanks Guys, I owe you.

Now the funny thing is, today I was in my local bike shop, Dick's Sporting goods and Target.....and what was I looking at.........yup....... tire repair kits. I decided I would wait till next week instead of buying the $1.99 patch kit from Target.

So what I am doing tommorrow, you guessed it, fixing the tire and buying a repair kit.

Last night was a busy night, tonight we are hoping for a slower night. The UFC is on and I am hoping that the Iceman wins.

See ya later.